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My Story

My name is Olga Ozeruga

I was born in Odessa Ukraine, grew up in luscious Oregon on a bee honey farm. Ever since I was a little girl collecting unique gems, playing with bunnies and cutting paper was how I stayed busy. Fast forward to 2009 I opened a thriving home staging business for a decade, that's where my passion for thrifting and finding unique decor objects flourished. Even today, as a prop stylist, I continue to indulge in this creative pursuit. Currently residing in Southern California with my four children and a lovable golden doodle, I've always felt a natural inclination towards creation. Nature holds a special place in my heart, as I forage petals, wildflowers, and greenery, incorporating them into my designs and spaces. Utilizing fruits in my styling is a personal favorite, bringing vibrant pops of color and interesting textures to my work. Content creation is a joy for me, especially as I'm drawn to the interplay of shadows and dancing light. The sun, in particular, brings me immense happiness, and grounding walks are a source of joy. Finding beauty in forgotten objects is a skill that has stayed with me throughout my creative journey. In my spare time I enjoy creating works of art on paper, collecting vintage art, flora and design books . I enjoy reading and writing poetry.

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